Sunday, 10 January 2010

Mylene, only criminals are allowed to use knives

How dare Mylene Klass, home alone but for her two-year-old child, shout and wave a knife at some criminals attempting to break into her garden shed. What does she think this is a, free country or something?

I hope she didn't upset the poor chaps.


Anonymous said...

Strange woman. Those 'criminals' only wanted to steal some stuff or whatever, maybe rape her. Nothing to worry about, and damn her if she ever put up a fight. It's the government’s body, not hers.

Trooper Thompson said...

Well indeed. On the other hand (!) I saw this response to the same story over at Dick Puddlecote's, from a fellow called Lancashire Lad:

"It's absolute bollocks. Under s1, prevention of Crime Act 1953, to be an offensive weapon, the knife has to be offensive "per se" i.e. made or adapted for the purpose of causing injury. A kitchen knife is not offensive "per se" whereas CS gas would be. Furthermore, the weapon has to be carried in a public place- despite the best efforts of "Hello" magazine, I doubt that Myleen's kitchen comes into that category, so Plod are wrong on two counts. They can't even get a simple issue of basic criminal law right, yet still find it necessary to harrass and finger wag at a potential complainant instead of chasing the little chav scum who were about to break into the shed. If any copper wonders why he or she is shunned and detested by Joe Public, then there's your answer."