Friday, 8 January 2010

New airport security recruitment poster released

Hey guys, why not turn a hobby into a job? Airport security is looking to recruit fellas to sit in a room watching travellers go through the new 'security' scanners. Their privacy will be massively violated, but don't worry, there's a sign on the office door saying 'knock before entering'!

These new scanners are way better than sliced bread! See how you can make out the details of her pussy? Cool, huh. Sure, they'll be some ugly people too, but you can buzz them straight through, then take your time with the real 'suspects' - this one's definitely on my watch list! But that's me, whatever your particular preference you'll get your fill. Just remember to wipe the keyboard afterwards.

Big fucking joke, huh? Hat tip: Infowars


Furor Teutonicus said...


I some twats have problems taking their bin bag off at security, HOW will they view THESE things then?

And if they get "special disspensation", does that not mean the very ones that we are trying to catch, are the ones NOT getting scanned?

Trooper Thompson said...

My objections to the scanners will not disappear if muslim women are forced through them along with everyone else. I do not want to be scanned, and if people are aware of the health dangers I expect a lot of them will not want to be scanned or have their children scanned. This is over and above the privacy issue, which my post focuses on.

James Higham said...

Remind me not to travel.

alison said...

I'm not bothered. Men porn up everything of the female form. That's the cheap lousy dick focused society we live in. I'd sooner suffer that indignity than be blown to smithereens. Besides which it won't be men watching women go through the scanners.

It doesn't stop me be being furious that these measures are needed. And I know EXACTLY which fucked up religionists I hold entirely to blame for any dwindling of our western freedoms. Hate isn't a harsh enough word. I loathe and detest them.

Stephen said...

And I know EXACTLY which fucked up religionists I hold entirely to blame for any dwindling of our western freedoms

Yes, that Christian fundamentalist twat, Blair.

Trooper Thompson said...


I'm sure you do loathe and detest them, which makes you easy to manipulate. At least you recognise our freedoms are dwindling. I wonder what indignity you will not acquiesce in, if it is required by someone in a uniform, and can be blamed on islamic nuts? Besides, these scanners will not make you safer, and your chances of being blown up by Al Quaida pale into insignificance next to your chances of being hit by lightning.


Blair's no Christian, although he may be a fundamentalist.