Sunday, 31 January 2010

Ripping a baby from its mother's breast: just an ordinary day for the eugenicist social workers

The eugenics agenda may have gone underground since Hitler gave it a bad name, but it shows itself alive and well in the sickening case of Kerry Robertson, who first came to public attention when social workers prevented her marrying her boyfriend on the grounds that she wasn't intelligent enough. The couple went on the run to Ireland, fearful that the Fabian ghouls would take her child away (she was pregnant at the time), believing that the Irish authorities were not quite as evil as their British counterparts. Alas, her baby has now been kidnapped by the state.

Kerry has committed no crime, unless the love of a mother for her own child is now forbidden by this monstrous Fabian regime.

Hat tip: Freedom Theory UK


Anonymous said...

have you seen Brian Gerrish's 'Child stealing by the State' on youtube, heartbreaking and terrifying, showing how much money these authorities make from child kidnap and trafficking here in the UK. If there's one thing the British people should stand up and fight against it is this monstrosity.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how people can stand for this. It's the Childreeeeen... If someone did this to me I would stab one social worker in the eye with a scalpel and strangled the other one. Then I would get a gun and go postal. And what the hell was the hospital people doing? Watching?

Trooper Thompson said...

Spidey (not sure what abbreviation I should use!)

I'll check it out. Keep up the good work BTW

AN, yep that would be the natural reaction (although I think the 'postal' part may be overstepping the mark). Animals generally take it badly when you seize their young. The hospital staff were presumably hurrying past on the other side.

cisbio said...

howdy dude,

This OT but can i just congratulate you on the headline:

"New Labour paedo nazi scat-munchers push on with tyrannical agenda" -a classic

cisbio said...


The love of a dim mother for her own child WILL now be forbidden, under provisions in the Genetics and Tenderness Bill 2009.

Trooper Thompson said...

Thanks Cisbio for your kind words. I hope I managed to convey my fury and hatred of these usurping devils. As for the 'dim mother' no doubt George Bernard Shaw, High Priest of the Fabian Cult, would have had her 'humanely' gassed.

Anonymous said...

Scary!! But not surprising. The hysteria over baby p was to push this devious agenda. Following the hysteria social workers would be given so many sweeping powers. God knows what they tell them at school? Our 5 yr old said to us it's an assault to shout at him. He also said 'don't shout at me, it's a crime', when we told him off for watching telly and not doing his writing. At school, they're told these things and told to report their parents if they're 'naughty to them'. So my friend's kid in nursery told us she'd been told this and said she'd report her dad to Miss xx (her teacher) for being naughty to her. We asked why and she said he'd switched off the telly when she wanted to watch CBeebies. But if a child told you a man had been naughty to her you'd think the worst won't you? God knows where this interference in family life is going? Now they want to scan our kids bodies and see everything and if we say no, you can't get on the plane to go visiting relatives. sadly it won't be better under the Tories. The entire world just seems ****ed. Ordinary people the world over should take their destinies in their own hands.

Trooper Thompson said...


this is the plan, to take over the minds of children, to turn them against their parents. If you must leave your children in school, you must de-programme them from the brainwashing. You must teach them that they're being dumbed down and manipulated.