Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Alex Hilton: name-calling won't save you

Speaking for myself, I take umbrage at being called a 'xenophobe' because I want the people of this country to have a referendum on the EU. It's not xenophobic to come to the sad realisation that the political class, which Alex Hilton so eagerly desires to join, has betrayed this country, its people and its Constitution. The need for a referendum is itself a damning indictment of the political system. It is a need born of betrayal: the betrayal of clear manifesto commitments from the major parties to hold a referendum on the last EU treaty.

I am a nationalist, and make no bones of the fact. Does this mean I despise other nations or the people thereof? Most emphatically not! It is internationalism, world government, the 'New World Order' that Gordon Brown so often proclaims that are my enemies. Nationalists across the world are my allies. All those who want to live in free and self-governing countries are my friends.

Perhaps I shouldn't take too much offence, seeing as I routinely refer to New Labour in the most unflattering terms. But there is a fundamental difference:

Wanting the laws of this country to be decided in this country is not xenophobic. Wanting the politicians of this country to be accountable to the people of this country is not xenophobia. Alex Hilton is factually incorrect and either wilfully dishonest or shamefully ignorant to call me such.

Whereas New Labour, the party that Alex Hilton represents are indeed slimey, scat-munching scum who hate freedom and worship tyranny. They have strained at the leash to destroy and devour our Constitution of Liberty, and all good Englishmen and women of whatever origin, creed or colour, should unite to defeat them.

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