Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Debra Medina: you've been had

The hope of a constitution-loving conservative winning the Texas gubernatorial race has been dashed. Debra Medina walked into a set-up by Benedict Arnold Glenn Beck, who demonised her as a truther. This she rebutted, and she stuck to her guns, saying that people had a right to question the government's version of events that terrible day. And then, the operatives got to her and led her back into captivity, and she denounces those she had defended the day before.

Debra, you've been neutralised. The establishment knew you were a threat to the status quo, and turned their guns on you. All you needed to do is look to the example of the founders of Texas. You may not have won, but you would have kept your honour.


Anonymous said...

It's not over yet.

Grass roots grow out of sight, and Rasmussen, et al, may find that this is an entirely different election. Turnout is three times normal, and the samples may be directly or indirectly biased. Then again, only one poll matters at a given time.

This test will tell if Texans think for themselves, or suckle the stream of twisted "truth" preached by the hired pundits.

Trooper Thompson said...

Well, you may be right, but I think she's blown it. She was a threat to the establishment, so they set a trap and she fell right into it.

She never was a truther, all she did was say they had a right to their opinions. Then she does a total volte face and attacks the truthers as despicable. And now she's exactly where the establishment wanted her. So what will she say when the establishment attack her for opposing the Fed or the IRS?