Saturday, 27 February 2010

Keep going Nigel

No doubt my dear readers will have seen the short version of this clip, with Nigel Farage speaking truth to power, but it's worth repeat viewing and also seeing the response of the sneering Socialist leader. THEY DON'T LIKE IT UP 'EM!

With the tories in their current neutered state, UKIP are looking the best choice in the forthcoming elections.


cisbio said...

come on, mate, UKIP!?

UKIP is full of asshats, Farage being captain asshat. I found this clip embarrassing. Mainly for Farage. i haven't quite teh stomach to see it through actually.

It's obvious what he's doing. trying to get booted out of the EP with as much publicity as possible just before the election. YouTube being a central plant in the strategy, i'dsay.

His turn is calculated rudeness. the way he ploughs on with that duffer look on his face... frankly I'm embarrassed being of the same nation as this buffoon.

Trooper Thompson said...

That's because your priorities are all screwed up.

The end of a thousand years of history, you can take, no problem, but purlease, there's no need for rudeness. Come off it.

Watch the clip and see the response from the snarling Deutscher. You'd rather have him lording it over you? Remember that Farage is routinely abused as being crazy, a monkey etc and that's fine? If the rules are to be polite, fair enough, but they're not, because all the democracidal politicos in Brussels are permitted to abuse Farage and his people and do it all the time, but we're supposed to feel sorry for poor little Hermann? Diddums to the fucker.

As for you being embarrassed being of the same nation, don't worry, because unless we do something now, there won't be a nation. That's what the Lisbon Treaty was all about.

UKIP ain't perfect, but at least they understand the number one problem and that is the end of national sovereignty. You prefer a post-democratic future? You want all your laws decided behind closed doors by people whose names we are not permitted to know?

Farage represents the majority of this country. If he didn't, the political class wouldn't be so goddamned terrified of letting us have the referendum we were promised.

Trooper Thompson said...

... and another thing;

Nigel's 'rudeness' is, in a way, a distraction from the real issues.

But if he hadn't said what he said, the real issues would have been passed over in utter silence.

So, if a few more people wake up to the destruction of our sovereignty, and the betrayal of our nation, then it's for the good.