Friday, 26 February 2010

The tories prepare for failure

What a bloody disgrace the tories are. Cameron and his cronies thought they could just sit back and ride a friendly wave into government. Now they're preparing for a hung parliament (according to the Graun, not exactly an unbiased source).

All Cameron needed was principles and pragmatism. All he needed to do was set out some key policies that would energise his party, and bring together the conservative, liberal and libertarian elements of the electorate. With the current government in place this would have been as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. If this was beyond his wit, he could have just stuck with the promises he had already made.

Instead he thought that his personal magnetism and Brown's lack thereof would be enough, but 'trust me, I'm a politician' is not a great sales pitch. As if to underline the utter vacuity of Cameron's tories, I read that their slogan is to be 'vote for change'. Dear me, the public has undoubtedly been dumbed down in recent years, but I don't think they're thick enough to be dazzled by that clunker.

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