Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The Twilight Zone: Gordon Brown on 'the new politics'

Listening to a speech by Gordon Brown, you would be forgiven for thinking you must have died and gone to hell. It is such exquisite torture to hear a man who has wiped his hairy arse with this nation's Constitution for over a decade preaching on about 'a new constitutional settlement'.

Remembering, perhaps, what he learnt in his school debating society, he repeats vacuous phrases and verbal hooks over and over: the new or the old; the new or the old; the new or the old; it's a choice; it's a choice; it's a choice; like a tape loop in an MK Ultra dungeon, Brown's voice drones on, in and out of consciousness you slip, suddenly you are awake and ready to kill Manchurian Candidate style, only Brown hasn't quite perfected the technique; it is him you are ready to kill.

Due to New Labour's poisonous hatred for our traditional liberties, I'd as soon trust a boa constrictor to babysit my pet rabbit than trust Gordon with the Constitution. Thus it would be pointless to dwell on anything positive in his proposals. The idea of making the political class more approachable and accountable is as hollow as a barrel, when the real power has been shifted out of politicians' hands and into the unaccountable, unelected committees in Brussels and elsewhere. And when this is understood, the true meaning of Brown's agenda becomes clear.

Our national government is being downgraded into a purely administrative arm of the 'New World Order' global system, where the cycle of elections is replaced by a procession of showcase conferences, travelling the world like the Grand Prix season; today Copenhagen; next it's off to Mexico City.

They can afford to make our political system more accountable, now that it has no more power than a local council.

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