Saturday, 13 March 2010

Crooked Peter Hain labels referendum call 'extreme right-wing'

Peter Hain, the Labour MP who was forced to resign from the government when police came knocking at his door, has used a Labour Conference platform to denounce Albion Alliance as an 'extreme right-wing' organisation.

Due to the memory-erasing programme of New Labour, most of his dumbed-down audience will have no knowledge of the great number of prominent Labour politicians who fought and argued for Britain to remain a sovereign nation outside the EEC/EC/EU.

I shall be ferreting out some quotes from such 'extreme right-wingers' as Michael Foot, Tony Benn, Hugh Gaitskell etc when I can spare the time.


paulo said...

Presumably the 'orange one' is of the opinion that to label an organization or person as "right wing" is tantamount to making them illegal.

Why is 'right wing' wrong and 'left wing' ok?

'left wing' as exemplified by the likes of Hain?

Obviously I'm missing something here as usual.


Trooper Thompson said...

Yes you are missing something.

Please report to the re-education facility, where you will acquire the necessary pavlovian response mechanism of fear and hatred whenever the term is used.