Monday, 22 March 2010


No doubt my esteemed readers will have seen the case of the gay couple turned away from the guest house. They immediately call in the police. The Stonewall mafia bay for blood. Time will tell whether her business will be crushed by the sledgehammer of the law.

I defend the owner.

Denying someone their rights because they are gay, black or whatever is wrong, but they have not been denied their rights. They have no right to stay in this woman's guest house, no one has. She is at liberty to decide who she takes under her roof. It is a wholly private matter between the individuals involved. She declined their business, and is thus out of pocket. That is her affair.

This is how the law always was and always should be, but such principles have been well trampled under foot by the zealots of secular tyranny, who have so soon forgotten what it's like to be on the wrong side of an oppressive, illiberal law.


Anonymous said...

Exactly, trooper. They have no more right to stay in that woman's guest house than they have to gain admittance to my home.

Doubtless, Labour and the horrible Harpic don't see it that way.

Trooper Thompson said...

If you see the new bill they're pushing through, it seems to be aimed at plugging any 'loopholes' that remain. It looks like they've gone through all the cases where the accused were found not guilty, and are intent on ensuring this will not happen again.