Saturday, 17 April 2010

Clear skies for a change

Leaving aside economic issues and personal difficulties, the grounding of aeroplanes by the volcano has meant that for once I don't have to look up at a sky disfigured by plane exhaust trails. As I point out to anyone who'll listen, and many who won't, there is something very strange going on up there. When I was young, there were vapour trails, very high up following a plane and disappearing very quickly. There were not the plane trails that I see now, which do not disappear, but spread out into a milky haze, creating artificial cloud cover and thereby manipulating the weather - geoengineering as it is called.

Few people I speak to seem to grasp that this may be a problem. I suppose, as the BBC doesn't report it, they will ignore it, and they're certainly not minded to study the manifold scientific papers which discuss geoengineering using aerosols, the patents that attest to the technology required for 'solar radiation management'.

So I shall enjoy these few sunny days until the programme starts up again.

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Anonymous said...

The meteologist Keith Shine works on the effects of contrails