Monday, 12 April 2010

The Digital Economy Act and how it exposes the fake conservatives

Blocking Mandelson's Digital Economy Act would have been simple for the Tories. It was in the 'wash-up', it was far-reaching and complex, for this reason alone it was wrong to push it through with minimal debate. But the Tories parked their oh-so principled objections and waved it through, on the basis that they can amend it once they win the election, perhaps. You ain't there yet, you Tory turds.

The Tories and Labour are the same. Fuck Cameron and his air-brushed message.


alison said...

Ill be voting for them Im afraid. Sorry but Labour's plans to drastically alter our democracy, the House of Lords and the voting system are too much to risk and you revolutionaries out there just aren't strong enough to put up a viable alternative to another ten years of a Labour dictatorship. It's time to be pragmatic when voting.

Trooper Thompson said...


The tories are saying some of the right things, and the post expresses momentary anger rather than strategic thinking.

The (pragmatic) truth is that my one vote for the tories would make no difference where I live. It is also the case that, had the tory candidate in my area bothered to respond to a question I put to her regarding the EU referendum, I may be more inclined to vote for her, but if my vote isn't even worth an email, she can whistle.

Anyway, the election is a long way off, maybe my view will change.

Trooper Thompson said...

... and I'm a counter-revolutionary!