Sunday, 25 April 2010

'If it takes a hundred arrows to bring down an elephant...'

Pat Condell right on the money about this coming election. I will be acting in accord with this. There is no way I will support the LibLabCon, but although my chosen candidate will not win, there will be, I expect, a lot of attention paid to overall numbers of votes in this election, not least because of the possibility that New Labour will come third but have more seats than anyone. Who knows where this election will lead? If there is no straight winner, there's a chance of another election not far down the road, perhaps under a different voting system, and although such a new system will be designed to benefit the main parties, it may still enable new alignments to come into being.

As readers may be able to work out, I consider myself a libertarian, a conservative and a nationalist. As such, the ideal political party would incorporate elements of all these things.

(Hat tip: Muffled Vociferation)


alison said...

Who knows where this election will lead?

Into Europe. Unless the Conservatives win and this country risks the Lib Dems which is now looking highly likely, we will join the Euro within 2 years. I wonder honestly if people will look back then and wonder whether it would have been worth supporting the Conservatives first now and insisting on revolution when other parties had been diminished. I promise you as my last word on a blog for a while that this is a risk you Pat and others seem willing to take. And it will lead us into disaster. My heart bleeds for this country. I hope I can get out. My gut instinct is right on pretty much everything and I trust it now on this.

Trooper Thompson said...

Firstly, Alison, thank you for your comment, and you are of course always welcome.

As I've said before, the tories don't have a hope in hell where I live. If I wanted to get rid of the labour encumbant, I'd have to vote lib dem or green, which I won't do.

I'd rather a hung Parliament than a tory victory, because, although this may give a temporary majority to the so-called progressives, the genie of democracy will have escaped the bottle of the two and a half party system. People will vote lib dem not for the party's policies, but to thwart the other two major parties gaining a majority.

I have considered voting tory (although it is a wasted vote in this part of London) but the reaction to the IMF plan, which I've commented on below, by all three major parties has driven another nail into that coffin.

As for the EU, if the tories had held to their referendum promise, it would be another matter. They could win me back with a promise to do that, but as with the last election, there's no discussion of the EU. There's no point saying we'll get a referendum on future treaties when Lisbon is all the EU needs, and can amend itself.

I wish you well if you do move abroad. I'll be staying put to see the ship go down!

Love to you xxx

alison said...

We will get a hung Parliament as a result of strategic voting. But then the Lib Dems and Labour will form a majority, mark my words. Provided Brown goes they will all be happy with that. The temptation to finally kick the Right into the kerb will be too much. That will be the end of politics in this country and mean a leftist oligarchy forever more - young people will continue to grow up and vote left having never known anything else. I don't think I can bear to watch it anymore and don't want to stay for that.

Love to you too. Blogging's been fun but life has taken over in such an unexpected and painful way. I need to hide away and deal with it.

All the best

Trooper Thompson said...

Maybe so, but maybe the right (or rather the non-left) need to be kicked to the curb, so they finally get themselves together.

Daniel Hannan wrote the other day of someone on the doorstep (he was canvassing) who listed a number of gripes and how she would be voting Lib Dem. To no avail, Hannan pointed out that the Lib Dem 'solution' to all these problems was a double helping of what she was against.

We will see soon enough.

I'm sorry to hear of your current misfortunes. I hope things work out. xx