Tuesday, 20 April 2010

New World Order steams ahead with IMF plans

The goal: to set up a world government run by and for the banksters.

The problem: a world financial crisis engineered by the banksters.

The solution: "Banks and other financial institutions face paying two new taxes to fund future bail-outs, the BBC has learned."

Under the "radical" (monstrous, diabolical) plans; "all institutions would pay a bank levy - initially at a flat-rate - and also face a further tax on profits and pay."

All institutions, huh? And where are the institutions going to find the extra cash needed? Where do you think? From us. So these plans mean that we are going to pay a tax to the IMF, that they will use to further enslave us. Sure, the low level players will object, and some of the top dogs will play 'please don't throw me in the briar patch', but make no mistake what this signifies: another step on the road to tyranny.

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