Saturday, 1 May 2010

Brown's worst nightmare

Some of us fear gangs of marauding feral youth. Gordon Brown is terrified of little old ladies armed with the truth.


cisbio said...

yo dude,
remarkably gaff-free election so far -except for that one incident.

of course, Brown was not undone by this batty woman or 'the truth'. The initial encounter was highly forgettable.

Brown was undone by a microphone.

I trust you will be voting Green or perhaps Trade Unionist and Socialist !

Trooper Thompson said...

She's no more batty than anyone else. Brown was undone by his own unhinged egotism - and his economically illiterate policies over the last 13 years.

Trooper Thompson said...

As for voting, unfortunately the Libertarians aren't standing here, nor UKIP, so I'll probably vote for the Christian Alliance (just to annoy you!)

cisbio said...

I'm flattered. I would be if I thought you were serious!

Trooper Thompson said...

And yourself? Are you participating in this once-in-five-years experience?

cisbio said...

Had not the incumbent labour MP -who was an old fashioned leftie- be standing down, I'd have no difficulty. But the new Labour candidate has been parachuted in and she leaves me cold (although, actually, she's quite cute!)

I simply can't vote Tory or UKIP or Christian or even Lib Dem, so it may well be Green or socialist.

Of the three leaders, I much prefer Brown (shock, horror) I think he has been shafted by the media narrative - which was decided years ago. Even if Jesus Christ himself came down and anointed Brown as the Chosen One, the headlines would be "Brown snubs Jewish vote shocker"

in other words, I'm a floater. (never thought I;d say that)

Trooper Thompson said...

I hope you will at least turn up to spoil your ballot. My hope is that the overall result will blow a massive hole in the status quo. My personal vote will make no difference where I live, where the proverbial donkey with a red rosette will win. In the local elections, I may well vote for one of the green councillors, but this is because of very local issues, rather than the party's Gaia-worshipping weltanshauung, and likewise the local socialist councillors are decent enough, although come the revolution they may feel the need to liquidate me!

Let me know when you're up for a drink.

cisbio said...

Well, the socialist bunch were the NO2EU bunch in the European elections, so you may feel some affinity..

pint? an excellent suggestion. I'm working from Monday so I'll text you later

Trooper Thompson said...

I'm not sure if they were, you may be right, but the left always manage to subdivide themselves into numerous micro-groups. So you get all the fun of covering election night. Fine, let me know.