Monday, 24 May 2010

Dr Wakefield: guilty of nothing

The long drawn-out heresy trial of Dr Andrew Wakefield has ended according to the script. Usually the General Medical Council are dealing with one of their brethren who has sexually assaulted a patient, junked themselves with stolen pills or killed somebody, and they can generally be relied upon to close ranks around the miscreant. Dr Wakefield, however, has done something far worse: he published a report that broke the party line.

His research has never been debunked. These trumped-up charges reveal more about the medical establishment, its craven obeissance to big pharma and control-freak politicians, who tried to prevent supplies of the single measles vaccine entering the country, in order to force the MMR upon children. When this strong-arm tactic fails they have the gall to blame Dr Wakefield.

This auto-da-fe-style show trial convinces no one.

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