Friday, 7 May 2010

I suppose I should comment on the election...

The result was about as good as it could have been. I didn't want the tories to win an outright majority. They don't deserve one, and seeing the problems facing the country, they'll probably be glad they don't have one.

Funny to hear the labourites talking up the 'progressive front'. Yeah. One million dead Iraqis - that's progressive. ID cards, naked body scanners, all that Orwellian shit they get their kicks from, that's progressive. Thank God they got kicked out. I shouldn't forget that this in itself is a great thing.

A shame Nigel didn't win.


cisbio said...

I genuinely felt sorry for Farage for a moment- I wouldn't wish the fleeting terror of a plane crash on anyone. But since he survived with only his dignity in tatters - and the pilot's OK - I suppose I can have a little giggle.

the crash being richly symbolic of his electoral pretensions

and I notice the plane was Polish! ha!

The UKIP wipeout and the decent of the BNP into complete shambles are the two best things about this election, imo Voters know amateurs when they see them.

I voted green BTW- one of about 700 in my constitch. Pointless, but a salve for my conscience, you might say.

AS for the rest - I don't know what to think. except I think we're in big trouble, given the news elsewhere.

Trooper Thompson said...

Well, have your snigger and enjoy, because now we have that cunt John Bercow around for another five years, snout so deep in trough he might suffocate from his own greed.

Compared to the above, Farage is a much more acomplished politician. I've never seen Bercow give a speech or appear on Question Time, and his presence in the Commons would have meant there was someone who speaks for me, not on everything, but on the key issue of EU membership and national sovereignty. My own MP certainly doesn't - in fact I've never even seen her speak once. She's the typical donkey in a red rosette, that tragically deluded brain-damaged wankers round here will always vote for.

As for the plane being Polish, so what? Do I really need to explain to you the difference between wanting to be an independent sovereign state, making its own laws, setting its own taxes on one hand and not liking foreigners on the other? Do you think that trade between this country began when traitor Heath signed up to the 'Common Market'? The Phoenicians used to come here to buy tin from Cornwall ffs.

cisbio said...

I watched Bercow's speech for the Speaker's election on the parliament channel- quite good actually -although it was just speechifying, obviously. At least now, he can't vote on anything.

as for snouts, I seem to remember Farange's hypocrisy re EU expenses, and his hiring cheap POLISH labour to do up his VILLA in the SOUTH of FRANCE! The levels of hypocrisy manifest in that particular revelation were breathtaking..

The Polish plane thing is just my little joke,btw.

Accomplished politicians DO NOT make themselves a figure of embarrassment and ridicule in the body in which they are members, as F as done in the EP, regardless of their convictions..

rest assured, the anti-EU Tories will make themselves felt soon.

I don't know what 'ffs' means.. I'm quite drunk at the mo, actually, having had my head full of oil slicks and Falklands oil discoveries all night- on that point, I'm with Maggie. THEY'RE BRITISH damnit! The oil is OURS!!

Trooper Thompson said...

Farage has not made himself a figure of embarrassment. As I've said before, if Farage didn't kick up a stink in Brussels, it would never be covered. Talk about straining out the fly and swallowing the camel! Who gives a fuck if Herman Rumpoy gets insulted? Does he give a fuck that his position and all the other changes to our laws that the Lisbon Treaty represents have been imposed on this country without the people having been given a choice, contrary to what all three main parties promised? Does he care that the French people, the Dutch and the Irish all rejected the Treaty?

'The anti-EU tories'? What, both of them? Do you know which party took us into the EEC? Which pushed through the Single European Act? Which signed up to the Maarstricht Treaty? I sorely hope you're right, but the past tells me that the tories will do exactly the same as labour, i.e. whatever they're told by Brussels.

There's no hypocrisy in Farage's hiring of Polish workers, but you say there is because you believe that being against the destruction of national sovereignty means he hates foreigners, which is nonsense.

ffs = for fuck's sake

As for the oil, and what's British, I suspect a measure of irony in your words. Nevertheless, what will you say when Brussels claims all such resources belong to them, like the fish that swim in our territorial waters?