Sunday, 9 May 2010

Progressive? Was that on the ballot paper?

From Longrider's dissection of the election aftermath:

"Then there are the progressives themselves – a term that is becoming increasingly bandied about. When someone declares themselves a progressive, my hackles rise. What they mean in reality is that everyone else must be forced to bend to their vision of society, to conform to the socialist utopia they espouse, to be a good little prole. Progressives have no place for independently minded individuals. Progressives are the enemy of individualism, and are, therefore, the very essence of misanthropy. They choose to forget that society is composed of individuals. Progressives are to be despised utterly and completely. Perhaps, most of all is their mangling of the language. Progressives do not want progress, but regression to the dark days of the cold war eastern bloc style of living – the tractor stats will always be going up, despite the enslavement of the population and the collapse of the economy. There is nothing progressive about a progressive, just as there is nothing liberal about a liberal."

In short, 'progressive' is just another pretty cloak draped over the hideous body of freedom-hating collectivism.


Quiet_Man said...

Progressive = left-wing = Socialist = idiot/evil.

Not too hard to understand.

Trooper Thompson said...

Quite so.