Saturday, 5 June 2010

Bilderberg: dragged out into the light

The Bilderberg Club is meeting in Sitges, Catalonia, amid more coverage than ever before. Thanks to the alternative media and the information revolution of the internet, the mainstream conspiracy of silence has been defeated (even though it is still pumping out the same story - "nothing to see here", the fact they even mention it shows a big change), to such an extent I wonder whether Bilderberg will continue to play such and important role in pushing the agenda of world oligarchy. With so many cameras and microphones pointing in its direction, the puppet masters are likely to stay away and find another vehicle for their wickedness. Nevertheless, the enemy is not Bilderberg per se, but rather the powers behind it. Bilderberg is only a bullfighter's cape. It is good to rip down that cape and stomp it in the dirt (this has not happened yet, the meeting continues behind the machine guns and security cordons), but only to get a better look at the bullfighter himself.

Anyway, here's Alex from the Canadian meeting some years ago.

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