Monday, 21 June 2010

Diane wastes her joker

Diane Abbott wanted the best for her son, so she sent him to a private school, rather than the bog-standard state facility, which was the other option. In doing so, she did what traditional morality held to be, not a virtue to be praised, but an obligation. It only becomes wrong when viewed through the distorting prism of poisonous leftist political groupthink AKA socialism.

Socialism is anti-social. It is against self-betterment. It condemns those who strive. It rewards failure. It claims to represent the poor, down-trodden, but in reality socialism is the boot that treads down upon the poor. Socialism is like a man who feeds an obese woman, and as she grows in size and weight, so grows her dependency on him, and his control over her. Socialism: the ideology of the control-freak pervert.

In attempting to justify that decision, she has fallen back on her Carribbean roots, and is now being attacked for it. She is correct, I am sure, in what she says of the cultural attitudes amongst Carribbeans in this matter, but where she is wrong is to assume that these attitudes do not or never did exist amongst the white working class. They did. Those people are the parents and grandparents of a large section of today's middle class.

Diane is making it about race, but it's not about race, it's about class, or more specifically the way socialists have used class as a political weapon. The last thing the socialist leaders (themselves, by and large middle class) have ever wanted was an upwardly-mobile working class, or for working class and middle class people to realise that, actually, their interests are not antagonistic, that they want pretty much the same things; a peaceful, affluent society, where hard work is rewarded, and a better life for their children.

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