Sunday, 20 June 2010

Uncle Sam needs you back home

While US troops are stationed in 150 or more countries across the globe, they can't even guard their own southern border, or rather won't. You'd think the federal government, which has grown so much greater than the Constitution intended, would love to flex its muscles and bring peace and security to southern Arizona, but all it's prepared to do is erect signs warning Americans to keep away.

This is Arizona, which passed the supposedly controversial law on illegal immigrants, which the leftist establishment made such hay with, although all it did was reiterate the federal laws on the subject. But, seeing as the feds are aware of heavily-armed drug and people smuggling gangs crossing the border at will, why do they attack the state authorities for trying to do something about the known problem, especially when they refuse to act?

Sounds like a case for 'posse comitatus', in its original sense.

Meanwhile, money and fire power is no object when it comes to Iran. Hat tip: Infowars

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