Monday, 12 July 2010

Liberty and the Rule of Law 3: What have I missed?

Statute of Felonies

Ye shall not commit the following acts, for they are considered the most serious crimes, neither shall ye attempt to commit, conspire to commit or be complicit in the committing by others of these felonies, whether by recklessness, malice aforethought, negligence or insanity.

I Manslaughter II Murder III Malicious Cruelty IV Rape V Abduction VI False Imprisonment VII Grievous Assault IIX Serious Assault IX Indecent Behaviour X Indecent Assault XI Robbery XII Burglary XIII Theft XIV Fraud XV Criminal Damage XVI Criminal Possession XVII Criminal Association XIIX Criminal Coercion XIX Incitement to Felony XX Betraying the Nation XXI Perverting the Course of Justice XXII Dereliction of Duty XXIII Desecration of a Corpse XXIV Reckless Endangerment XXV Riot

Defence Denial outright Committed in self-defence
Helplessness of the victim Habitual criminality Multiple felonies Cruelty Pitilessness
Duress Coercion Entrapment Provocation Isolated Act Intoxication Completely out of character Insanity Beneath the age of responsibility Co-operation Full Admission
Verdicts Not guilty Guilty, but with mitigation Guilty Guilty with aggravation Punishments Incarceration Fines and Forfeitures Expulsion Public Safety Bond
Sentencing Punitive Tariff Exemplary Tariff Public Safety Tariff


bob k. mando said...

blogger is acting real flaky

Trooper Thompson said...

One or the other, and there could be a charge for dereliction of duty as well, depending on the circumstances.