Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Atomic bomb test veterans insulted again

The shameful treatment of ex-servicemen who witnessed British atomic bomb tests continues unabated. Now the puppet Speaker of the House is trying to stop MPs asking questions, as if this will shield the MOD from the disgust that their actions invoke. It won't. The MOD has acted in a contemptible manner, cynically stringing the case out, no doubt hoping that all the ex-servicemen will die before it has to come clean.

For fifty years now, the government has committed itself to upholding the obvious lie, that the terrible health problems, high rates of cancer and premature death suffered by the ex-servicemen is nothing but a curious coincidence. Some of these men were only teenage conscripts at the time and their lives were wrecked.

Is it too much to ask the MOD to act in an honourable way?

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