Sunday, 1 August 2010

E-Cigs and the Anti-Sex League

Ever since the e-cigarette has been offering smokers a safe and apparently pleasurable (I don't know, not having yet tried) alternative to tobacco, the sons and daughters of temperance and self-flagellation (AKA the anti-smoking lobby) have been wailing and gnashing their pearly-white teeth at this threat to their plans. So, unsurprisingly, they are trying to ban them. Whether this will succeed, I don't know, but this (anonymous) comment at Frank Davis's blog sums up the situation very well:
"Of course they’re going to ban the e-cig. Nothing could possibly be more frustrating to today’s anti-smokers than seeing a group that they so enjoy persecuting and alienating getting round their attempts in a harmless, legal and - worst of all - enjoyable way.
This latest announcement convinces me now 100% that the anti-smoking movement, each and every last one of them, with no exceptions - from the leading lights at the top to the faux coughers and hand-flappers in the local High Street - are sadistic, cowardly, lying, bullying scum. That’s what drives them. Not the cheeldren, not public health, not dislike of pubs, not even the financial rewards. It’s a driving need to dominate, to be seen to be more important, stronger, superior, better. Maybe in the early days there were a few people who misguidedly but genuinely believed that they were acting in the public’s best health interests. Not now. These days every frustrated, worthless piece of snot who doesn’t have any real control or influence in his own life just has to join the anti-smoking bandwagon and - hey presto - they’ve got a ready-made target group upon whom they can, with impunity, vent their feelings of bitterness and anger over the miserable state of their unsatisfactory little lives and the insignificant part they play within them, supported and funded by a Government who are either too blind to see what’s happening, or too cowardly to confront it."

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