Monday, 2 August 2010

"Even the nazis"?

The world of the Guardian is a strange, topsy-turvy place. They have a story about British army officers wanting to hunt foxes in Germany, where they were stationed in the 1950s, and Churchill putting the kibosh on it, not wanting to annoy the locals. Apparently the nazis had banned the practice. The article says:

"The row has a contemporary political resonance because the modern debate often alludes to the fact that even the Nazis outlawed fox-hunting." (my emphasis)

Come off it, Graun! That's not how it works. The fact the nazis did something is without exception used as an argument against it, although not necessarily a good one. I've never come across anyone arguing the reverse, which is implied here, that something is so self-evidently proper that even the nazis agreed.


Leg-iron said...

'Even the Nazis' banned smoking too.

'Even the Nazis' had neighbour spying on neighbour.

'Even the Nazis' had stringent Green rules.

'Even the Nazis' were big on recycling.

'Even the Nazis' insisted on the unification of Europe. Different method, same goal.

It's all coincidence, of course.

Yes, coincidence. Must be.


Trooper Thompson said...

Sensible policies for a sound Deutschland. They also put fluoride in the water... in the concentration camps, at least.

Leg-iron said...

I never drink water. I know what fish do in it and that's just disgusting.