Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Exclusive! Barroso being ...

Okay, I can't actually be bothered to photoshop such a sordid image (or indeed spend any time tidying up the one below), but if I did it would go some way to expressing my utter contempt and hatred for the Union European and the traitorous quisling scum who took us into it and keep us there.

The reason for my present ire is this statement on VAT 'harmonisation', including the following statements:
"New cross-border rules introduced on January 1will prove a cash cow for troubled national exchequers to be followed by harmonised rates and registration. The moves, last stages of which are going through the European Parliament and Council of Ministers will provide massive liquidity injections to countries with lower rates such as Britain and Germany."

"In Belgium some 300,000 associations are being caught by the rules enforced by crosschecking introduced in every member state. They face VAT bills going back seven years for which they can only claim back for three years."
These vampire cunts. Imagine how they are salivating at their latest plan to plunder us all. Only when they have finished bleeding us all dry will they realise that the parasite needs the host. If the parasite kills the host, the parasite also dies.

I recognise that this post is not particularly eloquent. Indeed some may find my way of expressing myself offensive. But what the fuck. My country's being destroyed from within by a bunch of traitors.

N.B. I edited the title of this post, as I was tired of seeing it come up due to, I presume, fucked up people looking for something else. It referred to Barosso being known in the Biblical sense by a canine. TT 24/11/10


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Ten out of ten mate.


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