Monday, 16 August 2010

The future Keynes' spurned

The economic policy of post-war governments has followed the principles of Keynesianism. John Maynard's economic ideas are summed up in his famous quip: "In the long run, we're all dead". And indeed, Keynes is now dead and the people he said it to are all dead. And we, who are quick, that is to say alive, are left with the acumulated mess that Keynes' system put off to the never-arriving tomorrow. Thus Schumpeter refers to Keynes' "childless vision".


alison said...

Just clicked on your links on the right and the one about Sunny Hundal care of Mr Eugenides.

Laughed out loud at this comment

"Who the fuck is Sunny Hundal and should I care that he has joined the Labour Party?"


Trooper Thompson said...

Ho ho.

I keep half-writing posts about stuff on 'liberal conspiracy', and then junking them. Why give them any credence?

Hopefully Sunny will now rename his blog 'labour conspiracy' or 'leftist conspiracy' as these are more appropriate. Most of the commenters a fucking communists (by my standards!)