Sunday, 22 August 2010

Hey, Felipe! Go fuck yourself

The fucking gall of Mexican President Felipe Calderon, trying to blame the bloody plight of his failed narco-state on American freedoms.

"Calderon described US arms dealers as “greedy and ambitious,” and said their “business is to sell arms to criminals,” AFP reported."

No, mother fucker, US arms dealers' business is to sell arms to American citizens, in keeping with the inalienable liberties enshrined in the Constitution, all the more necessary due to your murderous compatriots, streaming over the border, unimpeded by the Federal government, who'd rather pursue union with Canada and Mexico through the back door, and convert the illegals into democrat voters.

If Calderon wants to know why Mexico is fucked up, he needs to look a little closer to home.

Hat tip: Infowars

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