Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Look who's profiting from crime

Maybe Peter Wells, aged 70, didn't have a convincing argument for why there was £500,000 stashed in his karzi, but the fact that the police and CPS couldn't get a conviction for money laundering and could still grab the old guy's money using the 'proceeds of crime' legislation only proves that a lower standard of evidence is needed for the latter.

Effectively under 'proceeds of crime', the defendant has to prove his innocence, and the presumption is that Big Government can help itself to whatever it likes of the property of convicted criminals, even if the conviction is years past. As usual, the state acts like the big boss, taking a cut of all the petty gangsters' hoards, and unlike the rest of us, is expressly permitted to profit from crime. You will note, all that money ain't going in the treasury furnace, but rather the coffers of the rozzers.

Anyone convicted under a law introduced by the last socialist government has a prima facie claim to be a victim of a miscarriage of justice. Labour hate our liberties and don't understand the principles of our law. Letting Labour run the legal system is like lending your new i-phone to a chimpanzee. Now it's not working properly and covered in monkey shit.

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