Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Your government understands. Now shut the fuck up

From the FCO website, responding to the many calls, via the government's laughable consultation process, to restore our nation's sovereignty:

"We understand that so many of you feel jaded and sceptical about the EU. Speaking about the EU in Parliament, the Foreign Secretary said he knows there is “a profound disconnection between the British people and what has been done in their name by British Governments”. We want to deal with this."

No, you don't, you lying cunts. I am not jaded, I am not sceptical, and I'm not a fucking idiot. I want my country to be free, independent, sovereign. I want, crazy optimist that I am, my country's government TO OBEY THE FUCKING LAW! And that means upholding our sovereignty.

They may be lazy, but the people are not so stupid to believe your soothing falsehoods, about how you're going to ask us next time there's a treaty. There won't be another treaty. There's no need for another treaty. You treasonous scum gave them everything. There's nothing left to hand over. We know where the Nic Cleggocrats stand - they've always favoured surrender, and we know where Potato-Head stands, because he shivved Vaclav Klaus right between the shoulder blades, when the Czech president was heroically holding out against Lisbon.

So save your words. I'd rather you told it straight. Say what you really think. You'll feel better if you speak honestly. You've betrayed our country, the country of your ancestors. You feel okay about it, because you have the money you stole from us to keep you insulated, and you think you're on the winning team. But history's a funny thing, and sometimes truth and justice does win out.


girl x said...

Yes, there is something rather admirable about Klaus. He does get bad press about the global warming thing, but the evidence I've seen seems to lean more in his direction than Big Green... which is what it's becoming -- right up there with Big Pharma in terms of power. Sadly, once they beat the last of the Klauses down, that will be it for the civilized world and we'll all just have to sit round and suck it.

Trooper Thompson said...

He's about as good as it gets. Economically speaking, he's very sound, and he seems to understand the bigger picture.

We mustn't let 'the last of the Klauses' get beaten down. Klaus represents the struggle for liberalism (true liberalism I mean) which is sometimes a lonely battle, but in the long run, all the Keynesians will be dead!