Saturday, 11 September 2010

9/11: nine years of lies and never-ending war

It is my sober duty to point out to readers that I am one of those evil, crazy 9/11 truthers, who believes that something very different from the official story took place on this day nine years ago. I take no great pleasure in doing so. It's not an opinion I sought out, but rather one that forced itself upon me, when I realised some years ago, that I didn't want to think about it too much, that I was afraid to know the truth. This was intolerable to myself, as someone who believes that one's opinions should fit the known facts, and not the other way around. Resolving to look at the evidence with as objective a mind as I could manage, I was quickly convinced that the official version of events had more holes than a Swiss cheese.

Oh no, I must be one of those conspiracy theorists I've heard all about, spreading the mad bad contagion of counter-factual unreason. You see, it's my flawed psychology that makes me take an interest in such things as forensic evidence and the laws of physics, the string of coincidences, the many historical precedents for false flag atrocities and the criminal element deeply embedded in the American power structure, that smuggles the drugs and kills presidents.

So, I will not be spending the day burning korans or calling for Mecca to be nuked. We should remember the victims of that terrible day, and the first-responders who have suffered so much since, forgotten and spurned by the politicians who rightly lauded them as heros, now left with debilitating lung disease and no help to pay their medical bills. It does not lessen the monstrousness of the crime to question who did it.

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