Sunday, 12 September 2010

The mother of all lunatic diversity courses

Feel the fury, with this classic Mail story. The loony left is alive and well down in Brighton, with plenty of our money to spunk on 'leading on diversity' courses, where staff are required to imagine themselves as a seven-year-old girl, a refugee from the submerged South-East of England experiencing hardship at the hands of callous Hindoos and Chinamen, and once their brains have stopped reeling, they are flipped into a parallel world where heterosexuality is a despised minority pastime.

During section one:
The course attendees are told that while in Sindia they can expect to hear comments such as: ‘Why do you insist on eating that bland food? What you need is a good masala’, ‘Do your parents really force you to drink alcohol at the age of ten?’, and ‘What do you call an English virgin? A contradiction in terms’.
Bland food, huh? Yeah, we hate foreign food. That's why you never see Indian restaurants or Chinese restaurants in England. Later on...
They are asked to consider how they would respond if people asked them: ‘What do you actually do in bed?’, ‘Don’t you think heterosexuality may be a phase you are going through?’, and ‘Is it possible that what you need is a good gay lover?’
Hmm. Not sure that society is going to last too long. What should however be remembered is, no matter how absurd these training courses are, conformity is strictly enforced, and any facetious responses, such as may be provoked by asking adults what they do in bed, will be dealt with sternly. It makes you happy to pay your taxes, don't it?


Anonymous said...

Yeh Brighton. Common Purpose capital of GB.

Rife with the swivel eyed loonies.

Trooper Thompson said...

'Leading on Diversity' - yep, that sounds like the kind of NLP BS they shovel out.

Longrider said...

‘What do you actually do in bed?’,

I presume "mind your own fucking business" is not an answer they are seeking, then?

Trooper Thompson said...

Longrider, I think that'll get your name in the book: 'uncooperative' 'possible free-thinker' 'potential trouble-maker'.

Longrider said...

I've been in that book for years.