Saturday, 9 October 2010

Every revolution needs its martyrs

The case of Katharine Birbalsingh, deputy head at St Michael and All Angels C of E Academy, suspended from her position for daring to speak at the Tory Party conference (by a Blair-worshipping arbeiter-parteier), heralds the start of an insurrectional struggle by the government against the marxoid establishment of the state school system, and the government should be aware that last time under Thatcher, it lost (see 'All must have prizes' by Melanie Philips). Whether the new government has the inclination to push for victory, or any true-believing fervour is another matter.

Ms Birbalsingh effuses the kind of common sense compassion that is not taught in any teacher training college, but rather comes from qualities within certain people, most of whom cannot function long in the school system, aware that they are forever suspect in the eyes of their lesser-gifted colleagues. On a personal level (a human level), such 'renegades' can make a huge difference to those children who come into contact with them, inspiring them, confronting them with reality - a rare moment of clarity in the narcotic suspended animation of the state education institution.

Can such people mitigate the psychopathology of the state school system, the billious mix of pavlovian psychology, jaded Rousseau-inspired noble-savagism, Fabian scientific control-freakery, atavistic atomisation, bound together with the glue of marxoid group-think?

Ms Birbalsingh would like to think so. I fear not. The establishment cannot be won over, it must be destroyed, the empire it controls smashed into ten thousand pieces. The psychopathic system cannot be humanised, it must be decommissioned, and human beings put back in its place.

And now I think I need to lie down...

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