Thursday, 28 October 2010

Hey tories, is the Stockholm syndrome wearing off yet?

No one this side of reality is at all surprised at Cameron's pitiful performance as Barroso's poodle (he yaps, he snarls, he rolls over). I can't summon any deep emotion. But, it seems there are still some deluded tories left to be disappointed. All I can suggest is one of those guys who rescues people from crazy cults at the behest of their families.

Sure, it is true that the handful of decent tory MPs are at least able to raise the issues that must be raised, but they should accept that they will not change the direction of the government, and only serve to hold back the necessary changes.

If a new treaty goes through without a referendum, their only honorable course of action is tearing up their membership card and joining the campaign for freedom.


Anonymous said...

"There will be consequences"

The consequences will be that the good little tory infantry will follow the Boy King up a hill and down again.

Nothing to see, move along.

I'm with you on this TT. It just gets tiresome in the end.

Trooper Thompson said...

Yep, their tribal instinct is exploited. If they identified with the nation as their tribe rather than their party, then they'd stop making excuses for the obvious treachery of their party leadership.