Saturday, 23 October 2010

The re-normalisation of smoking: the fightback begins

Ah! That's better. "Since I took up smoking, I'm more relaxed and less of a cocksucking control-freak."

My fellow blogger Dick Puddlecote draws my attention to the latest from the big pharma shills, AKA the anti-smoker control-freaks, who are currently having kittens lest their tax-payer-funded pork barrel be reduced in the present austerity. On such occasions, you must expect the control-freaks to become even more shrill. I don't know that they have much to fear from the newbies in government, who are all pressed out from the same mould as the last bunch.

Anyway, key to the anti-smoker campaign has been the agenda to de-normalise the pastime, to ensure that no reference is made to smoking without an attached denunciation, and that old photos, cartoons and movies should be photo-shopped, edited or banned, to prevent the sight of a cigarette, cigar or pipe legitimising use of the nicotiana tabacum plant. Well, two can play at that game. Here's Peter Kellner, Fabian agent embedded in the establishment, married to EU apparatchik and traitor to her nation Baroness Ashton. Ooh, Peter, don't drop ash on your tax-payer-funded suit!


Dick Puddlecote said...

Doesn't it make him look more amiable too. :)

Trooper Thompson said...

You're right, he does.

JJ said...

A self-righteous bore!

He'd look even more amiable with a large hole in his head...somewhere between the eyes.

Trooper Thompson said...

JJ, take a second look - he does have a hole between his eyes, or at least a crease you could hide a hamster in.