Sunday, 14 November 2010

"But my Brethren of the Sea green Order, take a little wine with your water..."

... and Ile take a little water with my wine, and it will temper us to the best constitution"

Richard Overton, The Baiting of the great Bull of Bashan, 1649

It seems DK is declaring his vehicle off-road. Fair enough. Anyone who paid attention could see his heart hasn't been in it for a while - I guess ever since the Kitchen site went down. Let him be remembered for the good work he has done for driving forward the forces of virtual liberty into this new land of blogging, where we have secured strategic heights. No matter in the real world, one can travel far and never meet a fellow libertarian, on-line we are impossible to ignore.

In the work I quote above, Richard Overton chides the leveller movement (falsely so-called) for being down-cast and beaten and falling out amongst themselves, after the defeat at Burford of the mutiny against the invasion of Ireland. The King had fallen, and in his place was little more than a military dictatorship. The ideas of liberty that many of them had fought for throughout the Civil War period were no closer to victory, and there was much bitterness in the seeming betrayal of those ideas by Cromwell and those around him. Still, as Overton reminds them, the fight goes on, as he knows better than most, being incarcerated in the Tower of London at the time of writing.

Such it is with these times also. A change of government, but a continuity of agenda. Now the leftists are out in the cold, rediscovering all their anti-authority instincts, the economy is staggering, drunk on the edge of a cliff, war is peace, ignorance is strength. Meanwhile behind the shouting and hullabaloo, deals are going down, handshakes are being made.

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