Monday, 29 November 2010

The Enemy State continued: now health foods are terrorism

Hat tip to Goodnight Vienna for posting this up. The agenda Hannan draws attention to is global. It is a prime example of how the New World Order is consolidating power. It clearly illustrates how corporations use the power of the state to prevent competition.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Oooh, I might nick that myself :)

Goodnight Vienna said...

It all ties in with Agenda 21 which has a strong foothold on both sides of the Atlantic. Once big agri and pharma control our food/drink supplies, we the 'small people' can go whistle. It will be another major area of our lives taken out of our control. Thanks for the h/t TT.

Trooper Thompson said...


you're right. It looks like the Codex taking hold. Certain Americans have been screaming about a bill sneaking through the Senate, which will drop a tonne of bricks on anyone canning their own fruit or doing any kind of food preparation.

cisbio said...


For once Hannan sounds sonorous rather than shrill. And he's right -after a fashion, while he soft soaps the fact that these herbal remedies are utterly worthless as medicine.

I think you may have got the wrong end of stick:

the directive on traditional Herbal Medicinal products is not about health food but supplements and remedies.

specifically, the dispensing of manufactured but unlicensed concoctions -the stuff 'herbalists' import from hong kong by the bagful.

From now on, 'herbalists' will actually have to be herbalists and dispense prescriptions they've made themselves using real ingredients Ha!

so stuff about a ban on canning foods is not apposite in this case.
but Hannan is correct: EU is a plaything of corporations-The European Roundtable of Industrialists.

ah, the Roundtable -such a conundrum for those free market funamentalists

Trooper Thompson said...


(welcome) wrong end of the stick?

Not at all. The regulatory sledgehammer is now engaged. Do not fool yourself that it is a delicately-wielded scalpel to cut out those nasty lead-tainted products that turn up in backstreet medicine stores.

The moves by Brussels should indeed be viewed in conjuction to the same measures pushed in America. Agenda 21 and the Codex are relevant whenever regulations are put in place.

As for business round tables, there is no conundrum for free marketeers. We believe in competition. Regulations support big corporations, by burdening their competitors and would-be competitors. The regulations issuing from Brussels are the work of bureaucrats and corporate lobbyists. They use illegitimate powers granted them by our government, inter alia.

Big government serves big corp. If you're against big corp, Mr Cisbio, you should not support big government, or do you, naively expect that big government will hold big corp in check. You, in fact, should join forces with the free marketeers in order to defeat big corp. You will find the path leads through big government - we must defeat that first, and then big corp will no longer need defeating. It will have ceased to be such a threat.