Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The normalisation of torture

I have a great many misgivings about games such as 'Call of Duty', the most up-to-date version of which includes torture. Although players are very unlikely to imitate in real life their exploits in this virtual world, I am sure it has an effect of desensitising the participant to violence, which is not at all healthy. These games seem to carry a propaganda message of a particularly brutal, nihilistic kind.

Besides that, haven't you all got something better to be doing with your time? You could read a book on Austrian economics, or start a blog... something useful (shut up!).


Anonymous said...

The CIA KGB NKVD etc used to use a particularly persuasive method.
You cut an area of skin about an inch square with a razor blade then slowly peel it off.
I vaguely remember the statement "it made everyone talk".
Lovely world we live in.

Trooper Thompson said...

Maybe that will be available as a 'cheat' in 'Call of Duty'