Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Smoking up in Ireland, despite the draconian laws

Smoking has increased in Ireland from 29% to 33%, since the introduction of the smoking ban in pubs and businesses, and despite large increases in the cost and a prohibition on showing the products in shops.

What response does this get from Luke Clancy, one of the anti-tobacco lobby? He claims it indicates "a clear need for higher prices of cigarettes and better treatment of tobacco-dependence". In other words, more of the same shit, rather than asking the question about whether the attempt to 'de-normalise' smoking and make smokers social pariahs has misfired.

Hat tip: Counting Cats

UPDATE: It seems I'm a bit slow coming to this story, as it's over a year old. Sorry. It's still true of course! Thanks to Captain Ranty for pointing this out, and providing an opportunity to link to his clip of the Great Eric Cantona, talking about killing the banks.


JJ said...

Luke Clancy...a dingbat nancy!

Did you seriously expect anything better from these mindless twats?

Captain Ranty said...

Check the date TT:

Saturday October 24 2009

I suspect it is even higher now....


Trooper Thompson said...

Oops. Thanks for telling me that. Correction made. Strangely I can't locate 'Counting Cats' site at the moment, where I got it from.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

It can never hurt to get a little reminder, TT. Especially as the Establishment and MSM rely on us having short memories.

I'll once again be keeping tabs on any emerging info on a story I'd forgotten about.

Cheers :-)

Trooper Thompson said...

It reminds me of something some years ago now, when a friend with whom I shared a flat bought an old, but pristine copy of Private Eye from a second hand shop. It took me quite a long time to twig that it wasn't the latest edition. My mind managed to sail over all the references to Ted Heath, blinded by my initial assumption.

Captain Ranty said...


Being some saddo date-spotter got me a link.

Most bodacious of you.



Trooper Thompson said...

lol - I should have done the link anyway, but instead I started watching clips of the mighty Eric on YouTube, including the seagulls speech.

Captain Ranty said...

I loved that one!

Made no sense whatsoever...:)

(At the time. It sort of does now).