Thursday, 11 November 2010

That's right: blame the anarchists

Regarding the student protest that turned a little ugly in London today, may I point out that anarchists are not in favour of state funding of education, or indeed anything.

As Wikipedia has it:

"Anarchism is a political philosophy which considers the state undesirable, unnecessary, and harmful, and instead promotes a stateless society, or anarchy."

"The term anarchism derives from the Greek ἄναρχος, anarchos, meaning 'without rulers'".
So, whatever the young scallywags were, they were not anarchists (and whoever threw that fire extinguisher off the roof should be horse-whipped).


Quiet_Man said...

What they really were, were Marxist and Socialist agitators, for whom the term anarchist means that there are no rules. In other words barbarians, not true anarchists. It's interesting to see how the police managed the whole fiasco, had it been an EDL demo the police would have been there in force, though the EDL themselves rarely instigate the trouble. That should have been the warning to the cops though, the same people who cause trouble at demo's were coming out in force.
Conspiracy theory No 1) ACPO wanted to send a pointed message to the Tories about police pay and funding.

Anonymous said...

Bunch of freeloaders.

Cut someone else's money but not mine. I am doing a meaningless degree in the life and times of Lady GaGa because it is easier than working and I deserve to be state funded. Carry on mugging the tax payer, I will review my stance on funding when I am being robbed of 50% of my earnings by the state.

Trooper Thompson said...




I'm inclined to believe the police were caught a little unawares - not to say flat-footed. There are many examples (Greece, USA, Canada) where the police dress up to be agent provocateurs, but I don't think this happened yesterday. As usual, for every masked vandal, there are twenty cameramen. The problem is this stuff makes it easier to justify 'kettling' and such abnoxious practices.

banned said...

Had the fire extinguisher found a mark I would have laughed, just as I did when Piggy got bouldered.

Trooper Thompson said...


well, one of your strengths is your consistency.

alison said...

I hope the evil piece of shit that threw the fire extinguisher at the officers is prosecuted for attempted murder. If he or his lot turn up in my city again Ill go along and Ill punch their faces in. Quite simply.

Trooper Thompson said...

That's the spirit, Alison!

I've quite enjoyed the leftist bloggosphere (or at least the 'liberal conspiracy' people) wrestling with the rights and wrongs of this protest/act of vandalism. I find it interesting to ponder how they would have reacted if any Tea Party rally had descended into similar scenes. They would have probably advised Obama to send out the National Guard and shoot them Kent State fashion.

alison said...

Well quite. I feel very angry about what happened. Marxist middle class assholes. My taxes to pay for marxist landowning gentry to go to school. I don't think so. I meant what I said too. I would love to get hold of one of them. They make me so angry. I wont be allowed of course. But the feeling counts.

Trooper Thompson said...


try not to sink to their level (for instance by imagining a retalitory attack on Labour HQ - that would be funny. Where's the Bullington Club when you need 'em?!)

Trooper Thompson said...

You'll love this, A;

"The union behind the university tuition fees protest, which descended into violence, has received £80,000 from a Government “crime and policing group” in recent months.
The National Union of Students received the grant from the Home Office as part of a project to help undergraduates “avoid being victims of crime” and to “minimise anti-social behaviour”.
It came just before last week’s march through central London against the planned rise in university tuition fees, which was “hijacked” by anarchists who smashed up the Tory party HQ in Millbank and injured police officers."

The quote's from the Telegraph