Thursday, 16 December 2010

Cathy Ashton: Queen of the coprophages

No moules for sister Cathy: Ashton tucks into Brussels' other speciality

Treble helpings of scat all round for Cathy Ashton's latest foray on behalf of the unelectable and widely detested Brussocrats. If I was a better man, I'd go through the article and point out what is so detestable, but what's the fucking point? I despise everything that the EU is and wants to be. I will never accept its legitimacy.


banned said...

Stupid power grabbing cunt, attempting to shore up her weak position by scaring us about the US turning away when in reality the US simply does not regard the EU as an institution worth bothering with in time of crisis, nor Cafe Ashtray as an individual.

Trooper Thompson said...

But note what she's saying is, given the drubbing Obama got in the last elections, the EU should be propping him up.

Alice Cook said...

I always thought she was the right person for the job - a nonentity lacking in credibility.

Alice Cook

Trooper Thompson said...

Well Alice, if they needed someone to make Herman look significant, Cathy's the gal.