Thursday, 23 December 2010

Disgusting: Leed police and SS assault and abduct a child

Words can't express how furious I am to see this video of three Leeds policemen and one ghoul from Social Services abducting a 13-year-old boy from his home after violently assaulting him. He has committed no crime. Neither has his father. The same cannot be said of these four men who invaded their house and attacked them both.

This is why I hate the state. Not only because it is nothing but a crime racket, but because it poses as our protector, when all it does is harm us and feed parasitically upon us.

I would like to help this family. I don't know the details of the case, but I do know a terrible crime has been committed because that's what the video shows. The power of the internet means that such cases cannot be hidden away like the perpetrators would like, such as the leading thug in the video, who declares he doesn't like being filmed (@2.13), standing menacingly inside somebody else's home, and later as they attack the child, one tries to cover the camera.

Hat tip: Dick Puddlecote


Crone said...

Just watched this harrowing video. I don't know the ins and outs of this case but the 3 "policemen" (cowards) and that awful SS man should all be prosecuted.

To hear a child crying and screaming in fear and pain like that, as a mother and grandmother, tore at my very soul. The lad shouts that he is 13 and has rights. He has rights. From the age of 10, a child has the right to say what he or she wants. That is the law. To so blatantly disregard this is illegal.

I despair as to what has happened in this country in such a short space of time.

I hope this boy and his father get proper redress on this and the cowardly bullies get their comeuppence.

Trooper Thompson said...

I share your feelings. Your comment reminds me I should try to find out more about the case.

Anonymous said...

We do live in a police state, not in the true sense.....yet, but a political police state which still has the velvet gloves on

Trooper Thompson said...


agreed, but easy to ignore... until you are confronted by the reality, as this poor family was.

It's the 'therapeutic managerial state' as Paul Gottfried has termed it.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see any "velvet" gloves, just the black gloves on the sadistic maggots that assaulted the child and the father.

I think they hoped this would go viral, because intimidation is the name of the despots game.

Procedurally they should have called in a sergeant, or other superior officer.

I hope that man and his son sue the daylights off Leeds police. Of course they wouldn't treat a mozzie like that, and you'd never see a SS Worker -the new Nazi SS - attempted to remove a Moslem child or even bring a mos parent to court.

This has all been tried and processed on the neo Nazis NWO crucible, Roosevelt Island, where the people have been denied real police for thirty years, while extraordinary extreme crimes are committed all about them, and suppressed by the "community" paper. However, Leeds police seem to have the same training and verbiage as R Is NYS sponsored thugs, so it's globalism. NYPD "uniform" is still relatively decent. The brass severely compromised by London Nazi Bloomberg.

Just don't let the cops in if you don't feel comfortable - and even if you do, because once in, they take control and you can't get them out.