Monday, 13 December 2010

Down on the pier

Dick Puddlecote draws my attention to this Telegraph article revealing the growing grudge on the Tory backbenches, looking on woundedly while Dave and Nick luv it up like John and Yoko. A handful rebelled in Thursday's vote on tuition fees, and more are threatening similar action. While the Lib Dems have been wringing their hands over broken promises, less attention has been paid to the Tories' list of discarded commitments, but it seems this is weighing on the consciences of certain MPs.

For the time being, the coalition looks weak. All they seem to have achieved is to blast a double-barrel's-worth of buckshot through the Lib Dems' credibility, and roused the socialist masses in their atavistic hatred of all things Tory. Meanwhile the blue-rinse brigade have to choose between wilful gullibility and admitting that they're still out of power.



James Higham said...

looking on woundedly

Nicely put.

Trooper Thompson said...

Thank you. I defied the spell-check to bring that to you!