Sunday, 19 December 2010

Journalistic cunt of the week

And the award goes to Theo Brainin (who?), for this ode to the majesty of the BBC and other state-run propaganda operations:
"Theoretically, public broadcasters can take their existence for granted. Whether you tune in or not, they will get their taxpayer money. A downside of this situation is the loss of a profit incentive. If good work is not connected to pecuniary reward, things go askew – as shown by the inefficiencies of government initiatives the world over. So why do public broadcasters bother to produce outstanding content? Why do their allegedly leftist journalists meticulously include the views of conservatives?"
Great questions, Theo, but wipe the shit off your nose, can you? The iniquity of the 'television licence' is the main reason I stopped having a television in my house. I recommend it to everyone.

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