Monday, 6 December 2010

Lew Rockwell on public schools

One of my recent things is listening to the Lew Rockwell podcast, of which there's a whole library on his blog. This one consists of an interview he gave to Mark Carbonaro of KION 1460 AM Monterey, California back in September on the subject of public schools (state schools for those of us this side of the Atlantic). Naturally he's against them all, but makes a lot of good points about why they're so bad. I particularly agree with what he says about them often being too big, and that they shouldn't really be any bigger than around 300. If this one change were made, the effects would be enormous, and enormously beneficial, I believe.

I've always quite envied my cousins who were schooled in an area which has middle schools, as this system seems to allow a more humane progression from being a young kid to being an older kid.

(List of most recent podcasts here)

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