Monday, 6 December 2010

Russian spy, my arse

I can't help thinking that the arrest and threatened deportation of Katia Zatuliveter is just another publicity stunt aimed at restarting the Cold War.

Labour MP Chris Bryant's comments I find dripping self-righteous hypocrisy. He refers twice to 'the Russian invasion of Georgia', as if the Russians started that little shoot-em-up, and lays it on double thick about the evil Rooskies. Yeah, like we're the fucking good guys. Fuck off.


Bill said...

Or it's payback for losing the World Cup!

Anonymous said...

Ah the evil ruskies eh ?
You know that place where they don't tax you for bullshit carbon fairy stories.
Oh and you can still smoke in a bar.
So who's free ,I suspect they enjoy more freedoms than we do now as EU debt slaves.

Caedmon's Cat said...

I would rather like to emigrate there. Do they let moggies in?

James Higham said...

Quite right, Trooper.