Saturday, 4 December 2010

Self-sensorship: epic fail

This is my comment on Richard Murphy and his Brownshirt gang of 'UK Uncut' wankers. His website appeals to me, due to, I can only assume, a heretofore unnoticed masochism in myself. Even if he wasn't always 180 degrees from the truth, his style of delivery is so comically patronising, it would provoke a petrified forest to anger.

As for UK Uncut, who believe that rich people should not only pay the tax they owe, but some additional amount that they pluck out of the air (between Richie's lugholes), they can fuck themselves. There is nothing moral about paying taxes. People pay them because the choice is this or go to jail. I'd like to know how much additional money these deludes have voluntarily sent over to HM Treasury - oh, I do know; FUCK ALL.

You're a bunch of cunts. I hope Philip Green gives his Monaco-based wife even more cash next time. I'd rather she shredded it into confetti than pay it to our government.

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