Friday, 21 January 2011

A case for equity, surely?

Do judges ever get it right? This is a sad case. There is no doubt that the mother and the ex-boyfriend committed a crime in violently detaining the daughter, but the rest of us gain nothing in paying for their incarceration. The mother was motivated by love. She wanted to stop her daughter doing something which could have killed her. The judge's comments are crass:

'It was said you, Julia Saker were at your wits' end because of her drug-taking but you could have sought professional help instead of imprisoning her in this way,' she added.

'It is said'. A very stupid thing to say. 'you could have sought professional help'. In general, true, but in the specific case, bullshit.

Unless I'm missing something, the sentences are far too harsh. I guess it's another example of how judge's favour smack heads and hate people who 'take the law into their own hands'.

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