Sunday, 2 January 2011

Joseph T. Salerno lectures

Following my post below of a series of lectures by Hans-Hermann Hoppe and Guido Hülsmann, I bring you a series of ten lectures by Joseph T. Salerno. The one above is number six.

From the notes on the YouTube page: "Professor Joseph T. Salerno presents a series of ten formal lectures on topics related to the history and theory of the Austrian School of Economics. Recorded at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama; June 6-10, 2005."

Forerunners of the Austrian School: French Liberal School (Lecture 1 of 10)
The Origin and Decline of the Austrian School (Lecture 2 of 10)
The Revival of the Austrian School: Mises and Rothbard (Lecture 3 of 10)
The Theory of Monopoly Price: From Menger to Rothbard (Lecture 4 of 10)
Modern Monetary Theory: The Austrian Contribution (Lecture 5 of 10)
Keynes and the "New Economics" of Fascism (Lecture 6 of 10)
The Chicago School: Libertarian or Jacobin? (Lecture 7 of 10)
The Debate on the Socialist Calculation Debate (Lecture 8 of 10)
Money and Gold in the 1920s and 1930s (Lecture 9 of 10)
The Gold Standard in Theory and Myth (Lecture 10 of 10)

Hat tip: Old School Economics and the Liberty In Our Time YouTube channel.

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