Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Meanwhile in that island of freedom within the sea of EU tyranny..

The Brussels Borg is upping the pressure on Switzerland:
"European Union foreign ministers have issued a tough-worded warning to Switzerland that its relationship with the bloc is dysfunctional and must be radically changed....
...Stressing that they still respected Switzerland's sovereignty, the ministers nevertheless said that they have "come to the conclusion that while the present system of bilateral agreements has worked well in the past, the challenge of the coming years will be to go beyond this complex system, which is creating legal uncertainty and has become unwieldy to manage and has clearly reached its limits."...
...The European Commission on behalf of the bloc is currently engaged in talks with Bern over many of these concerns, but it is understood they are not proceeding well.
Oh, you mean they're not rolling over and letting you destroy their country, and steal all their wealth? Makes a change. Big shame we haven't got a similar government in our country, but our government are traitors.

Hey Switzerland, don't take any shit from those arrogant cunts. Keep up the good work, and hopefully we'll see you in EFTA in a short while, if you'll have us back.

Hat tip: UKK41 & Ironies Too


BJ said...

Well and bluntly put, TT.

These idiots are out of control.

It's frightening.

Trooper Thompson said...

Maybe they see the end coming.